Sunday, January 9, 2011


Strange how uploading photographs I don't see them in the sidebar slideshow that I set up - maybe it just takes a moment and I am displaying my impatience.  No, I didn't get a new camera yet, yes these photographs could be better, blah blah blah.

Favia and Candy Cane

As you can see we have a new friend for the Favia, and I really like this placement. I had it on the other end of the tank for the first day but found that it wasn't opening and seemed generally unhappy. It likes this spot much more. You can just make out the fringes of a featherduster on the back of him. He actually sports three of them, which was a nice bonus when we got him.

Green Candy Cane

Close up of our beauty who came home with the uncooperative Flowerpot who will not be pictured here because it's depressing. Note the Jeffery lingering suspiciously near the base.

Acan Brain

This little fellow came home yesterday and is also being bothered by a Jeffery. !@#$'ing Jeffery. As if being toppled once (see previous post) wasn't enough.

This photograph does no justice to the brilliant orange that this coral displays.

Button Polyp

Notice that there is a Jeffery in this photograph as well, maybe they are camera hogs?

We really don't have too terribly many of them in the aquarium which is what makes this all the more aggravating.

Button Polyp2

Another shot, another Jeffery.

Frank looking at these has the following to say, "We really need to get that new camera". He is as usual absolutely correct.


  1. Jefferys rule! and Franks is always right unless he doesn't think that Jefferys rule!

  2. We Jeffery may not be smart or fast but we are many! WATCH OUT JUAN PEDRO THIS TANK SHALL SOON BE OURS!

  3. You know, when the Jeffery multiply out of control and begin to take over the world I will not be helping either of you with my lifetime supply of Morton.