Frank:  You have so much patience for my fits of organizational frenzy and always know when to give me a hug.  You never get mad when I pull out a huge list of things we need to do for the tank and questions we need to ask those wiser than ourselves and have no problem with letting me do the talking.  Your calm and supportive attitude has kept me sane throughout this process and your enthusiasm for this journey we are taking together has helped banish the stormclouds that gather over my head in times of trial. 

John at Southwest Saltwater:  I cannot begin to fathom what a pain in the butt we are to deal with.  You have shown honest care and always given us a straight answer about our tank.  I don't know what we would do without you and we both have so much respect for your counsel. 

Reef Central Community:  Thank you for not calling me a lunatic when I explained we want to stock a P. Russelli, Scorpaena Brasiliensis, and a Snowflake Eel in our tank, and for the wealth of information in your community.

Lori:  For encouraging me to get back into blogging and being such a beautiful person.  I am truly blessed to have you as a friend.