Saturday, February 5, 2011

!@#$ ROCKS!

JP Hungry
So, yesterday morning I looked at the rocks and said to myself "We really need some better real estate for the coral" and thought "Well, we could always get a few more pieces of live rock to rearrange the corner".  This was a very, very, bad idea.  It was bad on an almost atronomical level, it was so bad that I should have been drug into the bedroom by my cats and beaten with the pillows and their fluffy tails until I came to my senses. 

Of course our cats never did this because they don't care about me, and Frank thought it was a great idea.  If he wasn't so sweet and innocent I would be absolutely sure that they were plotting against me.  Even though he is caring, gentle, wonderful, and innocent, I am still suspicious. 
Regardless of how it happened, and who is at fault (I doubt it was me!) we went to our LFS and picked twenty pounds of live rock...and then it began.  With care and delicate fingers I moved our coral onto the rock structure that was to be left alone, I shooed Juan Pedro who hungrily peered between the rocks and made attempts to eat my fingers.  Lovingly I wrenched the Jeffery's from the rocks and put them out of harms way my way. 

Stupid, silly me, I moved the rocks.  In fact, I moved them neatly, and then of course when everything was put up perfectly I watched the rocks fall.  They fell and I managed to catch them, then of course when I stacked them all up again, I realized that the return water from the tank was pointing straight up which isn't particularly good.  So I tried to move the return water down into the tank, and that aggravating stupid, idiotic return water was difficult to reposition.  You would be amazed at how much pressure it puts against the rocks, not the water, but the pipe that should be simple to move. 


That's what you should have heard, but it wasn't, there was no sound.  The rock slammed down off itself and it hit the bottom of the tank but not before smacking into the one Acan that I didn't shift because it was on the rock structure that should stay intact.  The polyps shuddered and fell, and I made a profane case against all rocks that exist in aquariums.  Damnable things!

JP EatsIt was three hours later by the time I got most of the rocks up, there are still three rocks left to reposition.  Frank gently removed me from the tank after I repositioned the coral and then fed Juan Pedro.  We had picked up some octopus chunks for him, hoping that it would make him happy and provide some diversity.  He likes the scallops a great deal, and he is okay with the uncooked shrimp chunks, but we want to make sure JP has a balanced diet - like those Sunday morning cartoons you used to watch in the 70's-80's advertise.  You know, the ones with a glass of milk, orange juice, two pieces of toast, an egg, and a bowl of cereal?  That probably translates out to a cut of scallop, a slice of shrimp, and a dollop of octopus.  Juan Pedro spit out the octopus, it was rather unfriendly.  One huge chomp and then a regurgitation of tentacle. 

Maybe it's new food syndrome?  We'll have to see how he likes it on Sunday, and I've decided to move feeding the coral to tonight because everyone was so upset.  Today, at some point, I will move the remaining rocks and pray that there is no catastrophic falling. 

Please, please let there be no falling.

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