Friday, December 24, 2010

The $%!@ing List

I love lists, lists are helpful and wonderful things, under appreciated by the lazy do-nothings of the world and people who aren't just a tad crazy.

Alas poor clam, I knew him not at all...

In fact I really am not sure how long the clam survived before succumbing to the temptations of the great beyond.  May he (or she) enjoy the plankton filled sea of the hereafter where there are no crustacean eating creatures and miles of rock to anchor to. 

That's about all I have to say on that matter.  On to the bristle worm; also known as Hawaiian Lined Fireworm:

Dear Sir,

While you're roaming around my live rock, eating things and generally looking a bit creepy could you possibly make an effort to pop out more often?  I mean, is this really that important - the whole hiding and burrowing thing is awesome (just do what you need to do) but you see you've caused a problem in my household the past few days.  You've made Frank think I'm just a little bit more crazy than I already am.  He peers into the tank looking for you at all hours, peeking here and there for just the tiniest sign that I have not hallucinated your presence.  There haven't been any outright accusations and while I am confident he is very excited at the prospect of your habitation in the aquarium those wandering glances aimed in my general direction are becoming uncomfortable. know...get out and enjoy the water circulation, cruise the rock face for some really hot foodstuffs, party down under the actinic light.  Just let the man see you!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Asterina Anomala

There's always a silver lining.  We went to the fish store to pick up some more live rock and deal with the lights, just ten pounds, so not much.  I wanted a few small decorative pieces so that I could make the tier prettier. 

I of course knocked down the entire column and had to rebuild it four times until it was something that I wanted to look at.  While waiting for the water to clear up so that I could tweak said column and (probably) ruin it again I noticed our first hitchhikers on the glass:  Asterina Anomala's.  Considering they're so fricking cute we're keeping the two and well aware there are probably more.

I also found and frantically showed to Frank, and we can't decide if it's a sponge or an SPS coral that we have hitchhiking behind another piece of rock.  Our only worry is that it's stark white (bleached by the store on accident?) and could be dead.

Either way, I am happy to have destroyed my column to find our first stowaways.

The second I hit post I noticed we also have a tiny clam!  Huzzah!

Chemistry can be fun!

Chemistry can also be a royal pain in the...well, you get it.  I ran full tests this morning and was happy with the results (for the most part), and I am sure I will have to test again tomorrow once I get the aquascaping done and do a partial water change.  I find the fact that the tests state they are "Harmful, Corrosive, Irritant" very endearing.  Please use these caustic substances to make sure your fish are healthy!  That may be a slight exaggeration as you don't actually put the chemicals in the tank, but that bit of honesty doesn't sound quite as ominous. 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cycling, not just a hobby involving bikes!

You learn a lot about yourself when you start building a saltwater aquarium.  Sometimes they are things you really didn't want to know.  Okay...mostly they are things you really don't want to know about yourself and what you're willing to give up for the sake of fish. 

Friday, December 17, 2010

It can only get worse...

It may be impossible to accurately describe the fervor which struck when deciding to start a saltwater aquarium.  Trips to Barnes and Noble, endless hours on, and evenings spent poring over pictures and articles on the Internet left me ill prepared for the reality of a saltwater tank.  I am adrift in a 90 gallon all glass aquarium.  Retrospectively there are worse places one could be.  The cats however, do not seem quite as pleased now having realized they were not being built a personal sushi buffet.  Tuna flavored cat treats have done nothing to deaden the pain they exhibit every time I begin playing with the tank.