Friday, December 24, 2010

The $%!@ing List

I love lists, lists are helpful and wonderful things, under appreciated by the lazy do-nothings of the world and people who aren't just a tad crazy.

  1. Smooth the sand down across the tank.
  2. Rebuild the rock structure slightly to help hide the overflow.
  3. Build the rock structure on the return water side for Frank's Kill Zone.
  4. Get big lovely bubbles of scum in the skimmer.
  5. Test the water.
  6. Purchase some tubing for the overflow box and a foam cover to help keep it safer for the fish.
  7. Plumb the overflow box tubing so that it is securely attached to the sump and cannot be tugged out of place by the cats.
  8. Inquire about the logic of having a new overflow box built to fit behind the tank so that we can use the hood cover.
  1. Clean the litter boxes.
  2. Wash the food mat.
  3. Liberally drug with ze nip.
  4. Find the cat toys and make sure there aren't more than two out at a time because stepping on them sucks.
  5. Brush everyone.
  6. Trim claws.
  7. Refrain from drowning the cats in the aquarium when they're being bad.

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