Tank Build

90 Gallon all glass (undrilled) aquarium with: 60lbs live sand and 87lbs live rock. Two Koralia Evolution 750gph pump. Homemade wet dry trickle sump with Coralife Super Skimmer for 125 gallons.

Stocked with:

Snowflake Eel (Juan Pedro) Acquired 1/1/11
Colored Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish (Ponche P.) Acquired 2/8/11


Caulastrea curvata (Green Trumpet) Acquired 1/5/11
Euphyllia glabrescens (Green Torch) Acquired 1/1/11
Euphyllia paradivisa (Branched Green Frogspawn) Acquired 2/3/11
Briareum sp. (Evergreen Starburst Polyp) Acquired 2/3/11
Protopalythoa sp. (Light Green Button Polyp) Acquired 1/8/11
Favia spp. (Green Favia Brain) Acquired 1/17/11
Favia spp. (Blue and Green Favia Brain) Acquired 1/1/11
Actinodiscus sp. (Blue Mushroom) Acquired 2/3/11
Acanthastrea lordhowensis (Orange/Red and Purple Acan Lord) Acquired 1/8/11
Acanthastrea lordhowensis (Red Acan Lord) Acquired 1/17/11
Zooanthus Sp. (Orange and Purple Button Polyp) Acquired 1/17/11
Tubipora Musica (Purple skeleton Pink flowered Pipe Organ) Acquired 1/1/11
Xenia Sp. (Pink Waving Hand/Pom Pom) Acquired 2/10/11
Euphyllia sp. (Pink Hammer Coral) Acquired 1/15/11