Sunday, January 16, 2011

State of the Tank

Strange week in the tank.  We have some very small critters called copepods that are in the tank, they're about the size of an ant and were crawling over a coral.  It took a bit of searching to find out what they were, but I haven't seen them since.  That's alright though, because they're there and I'm once again proven sane.

We also appear to have baby Jeffery, at least two.  Seen roaming on the same coral, they're even smaller than the copepods.  This is just further proof of the disturbing and hypersexualized nature of the Jeffery - not only have they orgied amongst themselves to create baby Jeffery but they are teaching their young to molest the coral.  Perverts, the whole lot of them. 

We begrudgingly picked up three more warrior Jeffery (hermit crabs) and two more molester Jeffery (turbo snails) after witnessing a Jeffery on Jeffery crime.  Crab on crab warfare, and I would have thought that it would be for a new shell but no - it was just a turf war played out on the sand with half of a dead Jeffery floating across the dunes.  It was completely uncivilized to watch, there wasn't a single tiny white glove or ten step march to start the standoff. 

In other, unrelated news, we took back the flowerpot.  We checked in on it yesterday and it appeared to be doing better but not in a good way at all.  I am hoping that it springs back and stays alive.  I feel incredibly sad that it is our fault it ended up so poorly.  It's strange not to see it in the tank, I keep looking for it before giving a huge sigh of relief to know it is gone off to a better place more equipped to care for it. 

Removing the flowerpot we picked up a pink hammer coral, it is very pretty and I am incredibly happy with it.  We do need to get some coral that are more tolerant of low light however, as we have very high placed coral on one side of the tank and low coral on the other.  The affixing of our lower corals with two part epoxy has deterred the rampages of Jefferys across their delicate exteriors. 

Today is cleaning day, after football of course.  I will put up a picture of our new coral soon enough.  Behold, the new coral!

Hammer Coral

Now with closeups!

Hammer Coral Closeup

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