Saturday, January 1, 2011

Coral! Eels! Cats!

We have coral!  Pretty beautiful frags that will grow across the rocks and make our tank even more wonderful.  I've only kicked a snail off of my coral three times thusfar and contemplated smashing him with a hammer twice.

Beware my horrible mobile phone pictures:

Blue and Green Favia Brain

This is really just hammering home that we need to buy a new camera.

Clavularia Verdis

I am sorry that these photographs do no justice to the beauty of these corals.  You can also see that bastard snail below.


All of the snails in our tank are named Jeffery. Behold two Jeffery meandering along the bottom of the aquarium. Up to no good, no doubt.


Never fear! Juan Pedro hates Jeffery and all his slimy ilk.

Juan Pedro Eyes His Domain

He will even attempt to dig them out of the sand.

Juan Pedro Hates Snails

Juan Pedro hates our mobile camera more than we do however and tries to follow it as I move around the glass.

Juan Pedro Hates the Camera


  1. Juan Pedro????!!! What happened to Francisco? Francisco Uno, Francois Deux, Frank three?

  2. He was lovingly named Juan Pedro by Frank the Original and is truly honored by the honor of such a distinguishing name in a tank populated by Jeffery's.