Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Coral, Old Problems

Our Flowerpot is still not opening fully, but after yet another movement it appears somewhat happier in the tank.  We've managed to get it to partially extend all of the polyps and are hoping that it will continue to acclimate and become a healthy happy tank member in time.  I'm still not convinced that we should keep it, frankly we seem to be in over our heads with this fellow. 

Yesterday we brought home two new coral, and they will be our last additions for some time in that department unless I can get my hands on an Actinodiscus sp., I am very fond of their shape and they appear to be very easy to keep.  I think that it would do well in the tank and give us some added diversity in our selections.  Our two newest additions are doing very well and appear entirely happy at the fact that they have been brought home which is a welcome change from our despondent Flowerpot.  I am hoping to get some photographs up today. 

We made our first attempt at target feeding the coral and it appeared to go well.  I would like to try again tonight, this time setting some of the oyster eggs on top of our coral to see how they respond.  It is nice to see our Favia extending polyps, and it seems to be doing this even more so now that we have added the second Koralia 750gph pump.  It is my hope that they will begin growing at good rates and by six months from now we will have substantial expansion. 

Of course the second that I place a new coral in the tank the Jefferys have to go exploring.  They toppled one of my new additions in a matter of minutes not because it was unsecure but because the brute just decided to climb completely over the top of the coral.  If I didn't need them I would be very happy to smash the impudent Jefferys against the glass and feed their dessicated remains to Juan Pedro.  Who, on that note, is eating ravenously. 

Did you know that the grocery store will give you a funny look if you tell them you're purchasing scallops for your "pet eel"?  I'm not sure what to think of that fellow behind the seafood counter, maybe we should get him an eel so he can experience the joy of companionship with his own Juan Pedro. 

Our diatom bloom seems to be cooling down, and our test results have remained stable which is a blessing.  I am glad that we haven't had any sudden or strange spikes that could cause problems for the livestock in our tank.  I already have enough guilt over the Flowerpot. 

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